Clapper Tapped for Top Intel Post

President Obama on June 5 nominated retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper to be the director of national intelligence, responsible for coordinating the activities of the military and non-military organizations across the US intelligence community. Obama described Clapper, who is the current Undersecretary of Defense for intelligence, as one of the nation’s “most experienced and most respected intelligence professionals.” The President added: “I’ll be looking to Jim to ensure that we have the most capable and efficient intelligence community possible.” If the Senate confirms Clapper’s nomination, he would fill the void left by retired Adm. Dennis Blair, who resigned from the post in May. Clapper said he was “humbled, honored, and daunted by the magnitude of the responsibilities of the position.” He said he would work “to earn” the support of the White House, Congress, and American public, if approved for the post. (Obama statement and White House blog entry with video.) (Clapper’s official Air Force biography)