Clothing Guidelines Issued

The 98th Air Force Virtual Uniform Board has decided that the service’s new sage green fleece may only be worn over the airman battle uniform top when worn as an outer garment. It may not be worn solely over a T-shirt, thermal underwear, and similar undergarments, according to a release Tuesday from the Air Force Uniform Office at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. The new fleece is being made available first to deployed airmen. Also, the board said the fleece requires the Velcro ABU last name tape, US Air Force tape, and subdued cloth rank. Earlier this month, the uniform office issued a policy clarification, stating that only airmen in jobs dealing with OSHA-recognized fire and electrical hazards are authorized to wear the 100 percent cotton ABU. Otherwise, airmen are required to don the 50 percent cotton/50 percent nylon ABU.