Combined Space Operations Eyed

US Strategic Command is looking to share space assets and capabilities with US allies, said Brig. Gen. David Thompson, the organization’s deputy director of global operations. An agreement of this kind promoting combined space operations would be the first of its kind, he said in a May 14 Pentagon release. “Our intent with combined space operations is to mirror some of the partnerships we have in other mission areas that are long-term and enduring,” said Thompson. This agreement would build upon an arrangement tested last year; based on that experience, the United States and partner nations agreed last September to continue working toward closer cooperation in space, states the release. Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, space-based communications, and global positioning systems are some capabilities that the agreement could cover. “This gives [participating allies] an awareness and understanding that enhances their capabilities to conduct operations the way no other armed forces can today,” said Thompson. He added, “We have enduring requirements and enduring interests that are common among ourselves. So, we see this as a longer standing coalition with these nations.” (AFPS report by Donna Miles)