Congress Eyes F-35 Logistics System

Congress has included a provision in the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill requiring Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to keep defense committees updated on the progress of the logistics system for the F-35. Carter must submit a report by May 15 that certifies that the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) 2.0.2 system equipment has been delivered and supports the USAF’s declaration of initial operational capability in August. If Carter cannot deliver that certification, he must provide an explanation of the failure and a projected date for the system’s delivery. Carter also must ensure that Fiscal 2017 budget exhibits for the Joint Strike Fighter program “clearly delineate the specific costs of ALIS procurement and research, development, test, and evaluation in all applicable accounts,” according to the provision. The director of the Air Force’s F-35 integration office said in September that the biggest hurdle on the path to IOC is ALIS delivery. (See also: The Bumpy Path to F-35 IOC; Bring Us This ALIS, They Said; Fixed and Waiting to be Fixed)