Creating an ISR Center of Excellence

The Arkansas Air National Guard’s 123rd Intelligence Squadron, which operates a component of the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System, now falls under the recently re-designated 188th Wing at Ebbing ANGB, Ark., creating an ISR Center of Excellence, according to an Aug. 4 release. The incorporation of the 123rd is an integral part of the wing’s transition to ISR and remotely piloted aircraft. It also puts the squadron under a wing with a common purpose. Before the transition, the 123rd administratively fell under the Arkansas ANG’s 189th Airlift Wing at Little Rock AFB. The integration includes a physical relocation of the 123rd from Little Rock to Ebbing. Lt. Col. Tina Libscomb, the 123rd commander, said the move means “we will have a parent wing to lead and support our squadron.” The ISR Center of Excellence concept focuses on the collaboration of multiple facets of the ISR mission on the same installation and operating within the same facility. “We think that’s going to be a huge benefit to our warfighters and the taxpayers,” said 188th Wing Commander Col. Mark Anderson.