CRH Potential in the Foreign Market

There is “a significant [foreign] market for” the new Combat Rescue Helicopter Sikorsky was recently contracted to build for the Air Force, company CRH program director Tim Healy told Air Force Magazine. Healy, who previously worked with the company’s international portfolio before assuming the lead on CRH development, said he is certain the helicopter will do well with foreign customers. “I know in my dealings with those customers that there’s a lot of interest in a long-range aircraft of this type,” he said. “There’s a significant market for it.” Healy noted the flexible, highly missionized aircraft “is going to appeal to a large segment of folks who want to do a wide variety of missions, from utility missions, to search and rescue, to combat search and rescue, to special operations, [and] maritime patrol.” Improvements over previous versions include “a glass cockpit, much improved blades, a much improved structure,” and improved fuel performance, he added. (See also CRH to be Black Hawk 2.0.)