CSAR-X Bids In

Boeing, Lockheed Martin-led Team US101, and Sikorsky have turned in their updated bids for the CSAR-X helicopter competition, meeting the Air Force’s May 27 deadline. It now lies with USAF to go back and, for the second time, pick a new rescue platform from among Boeing’s HH-47, Lockheed’s US101, and Sikorsky’s HH-92 to replace the service’s aging HH-60G helicopters. “Our updated proposal builds on the inherent strengths of the HH-47 that have been recognized throughout the CSAR-X competition—low risk, exceptional performance, and significant combat-proven experience that meet all mission needs and requirements,” said Jenna McMullin, Boeing’s HH-47 spokeswoman. Sikorsky representative Paul Jackson told the Daily Report: “We’ve worked long and hard to enhance our proposal, which provides big benefits for both the taxpayer and the warfighter.” Boeing is the reigning champ, winning the original competition in November 2006. But two subsequent successful protests with the Government Accountability Office by Lockheed and Sikorsky prompted the Air Force to accept revised bids. USAF hasn’t said specifically by when it expects to announce the winner, but outside observers say around October. The Air Force expects to field the new helicopter between early Fiscal 2013 and late Fiscal 2014.