Cyber Commander: US Must Partner With Industry

US Cyber Command boss Adm. William Rogers said collaboration between the Defense Department and private industry is key to protecting the nation’s information systems, according to a Pentagon release. “There’s no one single group or entity that has all the answers, nor is there one single group or entity capable of executing the solutions that we need to do,” said Rogers during a Tuesday speech at the US Chamber of Commerce. Rogers said he views the United States’ current cyber security challenges “as a national security issue,” but that the threats are not unlike those presented in the private sector. “If there’s one thing you learn in the military,” Rogers said, “you do not wait until the day of the crisis to suddenly say to yourself, ‘Boy, I guess we better do some training with each other, or I guess we better understand what our partners needed and what they don’t need, and what’s effective for them and what is not effective.'” DOD is already working with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, but the federal government must do a better job of addressing industry concerns around the legal liabilities of partnering with federal agencies.