Cyber Hall of Fame Inductees Selected

The Air Force announced Monday that it will induct five airmen next month into the Air Force Cyberspace Operations and Support Hall of Fame at Scott AFB, Ill. The five are: retired Lt. Gen. Harry Raduege, former Defense Information Systems Agency director; retired Col. Lloyd Watnee (deceased), who developed radio stations for global air-traffic services; Medal of Honor recipient CMSgt. Richard Etchberger (deceased) for his work with computer-assisted radar to guide strike aircraft; retired CMSgt. William Mosley for his work mentoring airmen in air-traffic control; and Cecil Harvell for enabling the Air Force to acquire commercially leased telecommunications systems. The induction ceremony will be held April 14 at JB Andrews, Md. The hall of fame honors individuals who made significant contributions to the Air Force and their career field while serving in the public and private sectors. (SAF/PA report by TSgt. Jess Harvey)