Cyber Secure

A newly completed Air Force Global Strike Command study exploring potential cyber vulnerabilities of the Minuteman III ICBM has found that the missile system is well insulated, Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, command boss, told lawmakers this week. “The conclusion of the study was that [Minuteman] was an invulnerable system in terms of getting into the actual command and control,” said Kowalski in testimony Wednesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces panel. As a precaution that some Minuteman supporting systems might be vulnerable, the command has “already taken measures to close those gaps,” he said. Kowalski said the study “was a worthwhile effort” that took “about a year” to complete. Global Strike Command, which also oversees the Air Force’s nuclear-capable bombers, has also looked at those “other systems” and their potential cyber vulnerabilities, he said. “We are pretty confident where we are at” with them, he noted. (Kowalski’s written testimony)