Cyberspace Weapon System Fully Operational

Air Force Intranet Control (AFINC) became the first cyberspace weapon system to reach full operational capability in early January, according to a Jan. 19 release. AFINC replaced and consolidated more than 100 regionally managed disparate Air Force network entry points into 16 centrally managed access points bolstering cyber defense and security, according to the release. The 26th Network Operations Squadron, at Gunter Annex in Montgomery, Ala., serves as the “first line of defense” for the Air Force network, said Col. Pamela Woolley, commander of the 26th Cyberspace Operations Group, in the release. “The 26th NOS team is responsible for more than one billion firewall, web, and email blocks per week from suspicious and adversarial sources,” she said. “Our network is under constant attack and it is a testament to the dedication of our 26th NOS team that our network reliability and traffic flow remains consistently high.”