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How Air Mobility Command Wants its Airlifters and Refuelers to Fight

Air Mobility Command has big plans to overhaul its gray-tailed heavies for the high-end fight, turning airlifters into command and control assets and possibly putting air-to-air missiles on tankers. The long-term planning is a shift away from the idea of keeping mobility assets away from a fight, using them instead just as delivery platforms for other combat forces. AMC boss Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost addressed concerns about the future of mobility and the idea of doing “something out of the box,” during a March 31 Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies event, saying, “Why wouldn’t we?”
U.S. Space Command Briefing

New Report Tracks Counterspace Capabilities of World’s Militaries

More of the world’s militaries are reorganizing their command structures to prepare for future wars in space while coming up with ways to counter satellites directly or to interfere with satellite communications, according to a report out April 1. In the 2021 edition of Global Counterspace Capabilities: An Open Source Assessment, the nonprofit Secure World Foundation rounds up the publicly known or suspected activities, plans, and likely technological capabilities of eight spacefaring militaries in categories from weapons that target satellites in orbit, to jamming of satellite communications, to cyber attacks on satellite ground stations.
Refueling B-52s

Global Strike Command Wants VR Refueling Training for B-52 Pilots

The Air Force wants to turn to virtual reality to make their B-52 pilots proficient at aerial refueling. Air Force Global Strike Command’s innovation hub STRIKEWERX has kicked off a challenge to have industry, government, academia, and even individuals create a mixed reality training system for its Stratofortress pilots to practice receiving fuel. The goal is for pilots to learn the skill more quickly and with fewer expensive real-world flights. The Mixed Reality Air Refueling Challenge began March 16 and runs through April 13, with a selection event planned for early June.

Boeing Delivers Improved Security Systems for ICBM Launch Codes

Boeing announced April 1 it has delivered the first upgraded cryptography units to the Air Force to improve launch code security for the service’s intercontinental ballistic missiles. The upgraded units improve encryption for the codes, along with improving security by eliminating the need for in-person code changes at the approximately 400 remote missile alert stations, Boeing said in a release.

Watch & Read: AFA Shares Videos, Transcripts from virtual Aerospace Warfare Symposium

Video recordings from this year’s virtual Aerospace Warfare Symposium are now free to watch, featuring Acting Secretary John P. Roth, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., and Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. Jay Raymond in conversation with famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Senior Air Force and Space Force leaders also discuss Science, Technology & Innovation in All Domains and Emerging Technologies in the High-End Fight.

Radar Sweep

Biden Arms Sale Freeze Likely to Thaw, Including UAE’s F-35s

Breaking Defense

Strategic relations between the US and UAE remain clear and stable. “We may sometimes disagree, but the UAE will not yield to any decision that contradicts its vision and plans,” retired Staff Maj. Gen. Abdullah A. Al Hashmi said. “We have our own plans and strategies, and the US is interested in preserving the relations with the Gulf states.”

Future RAF Will Mix Crewed Fighters, UAVs, and Swarming Drones

Air Force Technology

Speaking at an International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) virtual event, the head of the UK’s Armed Forces Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) General Sir Nick Carter said that by 2030 a Royal Air Force tactical formation could be made of up two Typhoon Fighter Jets, 10 Mosquito uncrewed fighter aircraft, and 100 Alvino swarming uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs).

SOCOM is Committing Itself to Attracting More Women and People of Color

Military Times

As the special operations community takes a deep look at itself after 20 years of relentless counterterrorism missions, it’s seeking solutions for how it can adapt to the much-discussed “era of great power competition”—and that is going to include more women and people of color, according to a recent report obtained by Military Times.

AMC Eyes Self-Defense For Cargo, Tanker Planes

Breaking Defense

Tankers and cargo aircraft could in future carry their own counter-air missiles—or even launch missile-carrying drones—to help them survive ever-more sophisticated enemy air defenses, Air Mobility Command head Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost says.

One More Thing

April Fools: 3rd Infantry Division Tests New Hover Tank Technology

Army release

The Main Battle Hover Vehicle (MBHV) is ahead of its time, incorporating patented anti-gravity hover technology forceful enough to propel an updated M1 Abrams tank. The MBHV can execute start-up procedures within 26 seconds and reach hover speeds of 88 miles per hour within 18.5 seconds; that is a huge amount of force considering the body of the tank itself weighs in at 68 tons. “The superior power and mobility of the hover tank will set the foundation for future wars… plus, they are just cool,” said 3rd ID’s force management officer.