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US Air Force Discusses Tactics with Ukrainian Air Force as Russian Advance Stalls

U.S. intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets on NATO's eastern flank are providing tactical information to the Ukrainian Air Force as new air defense assistance arrives inside Ukraine, though the U.S. is being careful to avoid steps that might be seen as escalatory, a defense official told Air Force Magazine. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III postponed a previously scheduled Minuteman III test in order to prevent possible escalation with Russia. The postponement followed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “dangerous and irresponsible” announcement Feb. 27 that he had placed his nuclear forces on special alert, Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said. A defense official who spoke to Air Force Magazine said the U.S. Air Force and NATO also are conducting “a lot” of tactical-level discussions with the Ukrainian Air Force.
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Senior Leaders’ Career Advice on How to ‘Be Ready’

Senior Air and Space Force leaders urged Air Force Academy cadets to be real and ready during the Academy's 2022 National Character and Leadership Symposium. Four of the top officers and enlisted leaders from the Department of the Air Force answered cadets’ questions on the core topic of “Ethics and Respect for Human Dignity.” The yearly conference, held Feb. 24-25, exposes cadets to diverse perspectives from inside and outside the Air Force and Space Force.
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Spark Tank Finalists: Turning Drones into Gliders with Aerial Towing

The Department of the Air Force’s annual Spark Tank competition takes place March 4, as six teams will take to the stage at the AFA Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla. Each team will pitch the most senior leaders in the Air and Space Forces on how their innovations can save money, improve the lives of Airmen and Guardians, and transform the department. Air Force Magazine is highlighting one team each day from now through March 3. Today, we look at “Aerial Tow Rehookup—Novel Range Extension,” led by Cadet Grant Schlichting of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

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COMMENTARY: You Don’t Need to Rewrite Acquisition Regulations to Improve DOD Buying

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“The Department of Defense’s increased engagement with commercial companies in recent years clearly demonstrates the critical role [biotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum science, advanced materials], and other technologies will play in future military systems. Unfortunately, DOD has struggled to adopt commercial technology at scale, in large part due to its industrial-age acquisition practices,” writes Jerry McGinn, executive director of the Center for Government Contracting in George Mason University’s School of Business and a former senior DOD acquisition official.

It’s ‘Effectively Impossible’ to Kick Russia Out of the UN, but There Are Other Options

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In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Moscow’s use of its veto to scuttle an initial response by the United Nations, some U.S. lawmakers have called for revoking the country’s permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council. Experts said they understand the anger and frustration but that it’s not possible to expel Russia—nor would it be wise to shut down a communications channel at a time of high tension.

Ukraine Wants Foreign Reinforcements. Will American Civilians Fight?


Scores of aspiring fighters have expressed on social media their interest in joining the fight against Russia in Ukraine. Most of those interviewed by Military.com claim to be U.S. veterans, some saying they are en route to Poland or packing their bags, though none of their stories could be verified. Others said they plan to go but are awaiting their passports.

COMMENTARY: Where Are Russia’s Drones?

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“Among the mysteries of Russia’s slower-than-expected advance into Ukraine is the apparent absence of the kind of small drones that Russian forces have put to increasingly good use in recent campaigns and military drills. But there is still reason to believe that Russia’s drones are being more widely used in Ukraine than is realized and that their effects are being masked by other flaws in the current campaign’s execution,” writes Samuel Bendett, an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security and an adviser at the CNA Corporation.

Russia's Space Chief Says Hacking Satellites 'a Cause for War'


A top Russian space official said any cyberattacks on the country’s satellites would be considered “a cause for war” while denying that a control center had been taken down by hackers. The warning followed claims by a group of hackers that it shut down the satellite operations of Roscosmos, Russia’s civilian space agency.

608 US Air Force F-16s Are Getting the Type's Largest Combined Upgrade Package Ever

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The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center has announced that hundreds of the service’s F-16s will receive a comprehensive package of modifications and upgrades. The modifications are intended to keep the aircraft effective against modern and emerging threats and to help keep it in the air for the remainder of its extended operational life.

Boeing Deploys 3D Printing to Halve the Lead Time of US Space Force Asset

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Aerospace manufacturer Boeing has begun using 3D printing to ramp up its production of a Wideband Global SATCOM or ‘WGS’ satellite for the Space Force. Working as part of a $605 million contract, Boeing is in the process of building the Space Force’s next-gen WGS-11+, a system with much greater mission support and anti-jamming capabilities than its predecessors. By introducing 3D printing into the comms satellite’s production workflow, the firm anticipates being able to drastically reduce the device’s lead time, from up to 10 years down to just five.

French Air Force No. 2 Pushing for Greater Rafale-JSF Interoperability

Breaking Defense

Every 18 months, U.S. and French Air Force senior military authorities meet to discuss operations and long-term requirements in a framework known as “operator engagement talks.” These discussions are generally meant, according to the official USAF description, to “share air, space, and cyberspace lessons-learned to improve interoperability and integration,” as well as to “strengthen and expand alliances and partnerships.” On Feb. 19, Breaking Defense sat down with Lt. Gen. Frédéric Parisot, No. 2 in the French Air and Space Force (FASF), as he was ending his three-day visit in the United States in that capacity.

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The Army Is Now Letting Soldiers Pick Their First Duty Station

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The Army announced that it would begin allowing new Active-duty recruits the opportunity to select their first duty station after completing basic training. The new enlistment option includes more than 5,600 vacancies in 17 different career fields, including infantry, cavalry scouts, aviation, and information technology.

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