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Producing New B-21 Bomber Will Cost $20 Billion Through 2027

The Air Force expects to spend close to $20 billion on producing the B-21 Raider through fiscal 2027, but it doesn’t say how many of the advanced bombers it will buy for that money. Including research and development, USAF will spend more than $32 billion on the Raider through fiscal 2027, according to service budget documents.
Stingers Javelins

Inability to Quickly Replace Stingers and Javelins for Ukraine Highlights Industrial Base Problems

The U.S. will take years to reconstitute the stocks of Stinger and Javelin missiles provided to Ukraine to fight Russia, a fact that puts the vulnerabilities of the defense industrial base in high relief, according to former Pentagon officials who testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Raytheon, which makes the missiles, said it would have trouble sourcing materials for a production ramp-up and will have to design new components. The company also said its break with Russian business means it has to find additional sources for materials such as titanium. This comes as Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III called on partner nations to ramp up the flow of defense assistance for Ukraine.

Air Force Announces It Will Buy E-7 Wedgetails to Replace AWACS

The Air Force will buy two prototype E-7 Wedgetail AWACS aircraft for an evaluation but expects to place a procurement order for more E-7s to replace some of its E-3 AWACS fleet. The E-3s are hard to maintain and have low mission capable rates, and the E-7 is the only viable candidate to replace them in a timely way, USAF said. The service has requested $227 million in the fiscal 2023 budget to buy the first prototype.

Cooley to Be Reprimanded, Forfeit Nearly $55,000 in Pay for Sexual Assault Conviction

Maj. Gen. William T. Cooley, the former commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory, will be reprimanded and forced to forfeit $10,910 a month in pay for five months after being convicted of abusive sexual contact for forcibly kissing his sister-in-law in 2018. “If this result influenced just one survivor to know that his or her attacker’s rank or status would not prevent them from being held accountable, that is a win for the United States and the military justice system,” said Lt. Col. Matthew Neil, the government lead trial counsel, after the sentence was delivered.

Radar Sweep

NGA Will Take Over Pentagon’s Flagship AI Program

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The National Geospatial Agency will take over Project Maven, the Pentagon’s key artificial intelligence program designed to identify individual objects out of a massive amount of surveillance data, said NGA’s outgoing commander, Vice Adm. Robert Sharp. Referring to the Pentagon’s most recent budget request, Sharp pointed out that “NGA gains operational control of Project Maven’s [geographical intelligence] AI services and capabilities from the office of the undersecretary of defense for intelligence that includes responsibility for labeled data, AI algorithms, testing, [and] evaluation capabilities.”

Why Fighting Wildfires Is the Hardest Flying Air Force Crews Do Outside Combat

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Forget what you’ve seen in movies: Flying low and slow in large fixed-wing aircraft is tough to do. It is even more difficult while flying through mountains, where the weather is unpredictable and the terrain forbidding. Now add to the picture crowded airspace where you might collide with another aircraft if you are not careful. Oh, and by the way, half the airspace is filled with smoke and there is a wildfire raging off your wingtip with flames reaching over 100 feet high.

Space Force Offering Bonuses Up to $20,000 for New Guardians With Tech Backgrounds


The Space Force has unveiled a wave of bonuses to lure recruits with highly specialized tech backgrounds to become Guardians. Bonuses range from $12,000 to $20,000 for certain technology certifications that could be used for the Space Force's cyber career fields, according to a press release from the Department of the Air Force's Recruiting Service.

F-22 Being Used to Test Next Generation Air Dominance ‘Fighter’ Tech

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The Pentagon's fiscal 2023 budget request documents provide interesting details that may help add a bit of explanation to the sudden jump in unignorable testing of new features on the F-22 Raptor, all of which The War Zone was first to report on. The documents describe how the F-22 is being used as something of a test surrogate for technologies that are being developed under the Next Generation Air Dominance program, as well as adopting technologies that have been designed for NGAD but can be fielded early on the F-22 to meet emerging threats.

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Projected F-15EX Fleet Slashed by 44 Percent in USAF Budget Plans

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The U.S. Air Force now wants to buy 64 fewer Boeing F-15EX aircraft than in the service’s original acquisition plan and halt procurement of the twin-engined fighter after fiscal 2024. “At this time, we are planning for [buying] 80,” an Air Force spokesperson said.

AFRL, DeepMedia Collaborating on Deepfake Detection Tech

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The Air Force Research Laboratory has teamed up with small business DeepMedia to advance technology capable of detecting synthetic media called deepfakes. DeepMedia provides tools for identifying videos in which a person’s likeness is replaced with somebody else’s, a type of media that poses danger to troops on and off the battlefield.

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How a British Airman Trained Fellow POWs in Judo During WWII

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The fascinating wartime archive of an RAF airman with Japanese heritage who escaped three times from POW camps has been put up for sale by his family. Warrant Officer Percy Sekine's mother was British, and his Japanese father worked for The Mitsui Bank in London. He was a black belt in judo when he volunteered as a 19-year-old for the RAF at the outbreak of the Second World War.

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