DARPA Seeks Anti-RPA Defense

With the rapid global proliferation of unmanned air systems, or remotely piloted aircraft, posing increased threats to deployed US forces, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is requesting information on new ways to protect fixed or mobile land and sea units against the unmanned weapons. In an Aug. 11 release, DARPA said it wants to identify “novel, flexible, and mobile layered defense systems and component technologies” to counter this threat. The request for information is seeking “scalable, modular, and affordable approaches that could be fielded within the next three to four years and could rapidly evolve with threat and tactical advancements,” Jean-Charles Lede, DARPA’s program manager, said in the release. Responses should include information on conceptual design and capabilities, technology maturation, affordability, estimated size, weight and power requirements and ability to address other threats and integrate with other subsystems. After reviewing the proposals, DARPA said it would invite selected submitters to a Mobile Force Protection workshop at its Arlington, Va., office in September. (See also: Keeping Nukes Safe From Drones.)