Detached Approach Saving Money

The Air Force has saved more than $1 million so far in Fiscal 2013 by reducing temporary duty expenditures associated with the education of military training instructors, according to training officials at Sheppard AFB, Tex. The savings are the result of Sheppard’s 982nd Training Group creating a version of the Principles of Instruction course for field training detachments so that MTIs can train at their own bases instead of having to come to Sheppard, according to a March 4 release. “We wanted to put efficiencies in the processes and the idea came up to do the POI course out at the detachments instead of sending people here to Sheppard,” said CMSgt. Michael Young, the group’s superintendent. The course is designed to help instructors understand the basics of teaching and speaking in front of a classroom. The security forces career field has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the FTD course, states the release. “The opportunity to attend this localized training has definitely enhanced our capabilities and increased the quality of training at our units,” said SMSgt. Michael Wilsey, Air Combat Command’s security forces training branch manager. (Sheppard report by Dan Hawkins)