Deterring Adversaries in Space

China is continuing to test anti-satellite capabilities and Air Force Space Command is taking both classified and unclassified measures to survive, deter, and respond to attacks against space assets. “You just have to go back to 2007 to see the Chinese ASAT, they continue to test that—we have many demonstrated occurrences of testing that we know about,” AFSPC boss Gen. John Hyten said at ASC15 on Wednesday. “We’re worried about those kinds of activities and we’re also worried about a number of other activities,” conducted by both China and Russia, “that aren’t visible to the general public,” he said. “I never want to see a war in space, ever. But the best way to avoid a war is to be prepared for it,” Hyten stressed. “We’re going down that path to make certain we build resilience into our constellation and build the ability to respond to a threat effectively,” he said. “A lot of things we’re doing are in the classified world, but there will be a lot of things that our potential adversaries will see, that we believe will convince them that action in space is not in their interest,” Hyten added.