Did the US Inadvertently Deliver Weapons to ISIS?

Pentagon officials would not confirm the validity of an ISIS video posted Tuesday that apparently shows its fighters in possession of one of the supply bundles C-130s dropped to Kurdish forces in the city. “The short answer is, we don’t know,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said Tuesday when asked during a Pentagon press briefing if ISIS had taken possession of one of the bundles, which reportedly features small arms components and rocket propelled grenade launchers. He said analysts at US Central Command headquarters and at the Pentagon were analyzing the video to determine its veracity. Kirby confirmed small arms, ammunition, and grenades were among the items dropped in the resupply effort, but stressed DOD is confident the vast majority of the 28 bundles dropped in the operation “ended up in the right hands,” with only one going off course. CENTCOM confirmed one of its six strikes on Monday targeted “a stray resupply bundle from a US airdrop” in order to prevent the supplies from falling into ISIS control, but Kirby would not confirm whether the supplies that were destroyed were the supplies pictured in the ISIS video. “I’m not making any definitive judgments until we get an analysis,” he said.