Different Domains, Same Mission

Colorado Springs, Colo. While space and cyber are separate domains, they have very similar missions, Gen. John Hyten, commander of Air Force Space Command, told reporters on April 14. “I fundamentally believe that space and cyber should be integrated, especially from a service perspective,” Hyten said. “From an operational perspective, it’s a little bit different, because they are two domains, but the interesting thing about having space and cyber in the same command is it allows us to focus on very similar missions.” Hyten noted that in space, “We provide pathways for information, and we try to deny adversaries access to information” in conflicts. In cyberspace, the Air Force also provides pathways for information, and tries to deny adversaries information in conflicts. “The alignment of these missions is hugely powerful as you go forward, from a service perspective,” Hyten said. The Cyber Command-US Strategic Command relationship “will continue to mature as we go forward, but from somebody who’s having to build the capabilities to provide forces to those two commanders, it’s really helpful for me to have those in my section,” he said. (See also: A Vision for the Future of Space.)