Directing the Air Campaign Away from Home

US Air Forces in Europe airmen are showcasing the new Command and Control Forward system at Ramstein AB, Germany, through Tuesday. C2-Forward is an adaptable, scalable system capable of deploying within 72 hours of notification to enable a joint force air component commander to direct air, space, and cyber operations from an austere location in support of the joint force commander. Members of Ramstein’s 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and 603rd Air Operations Center developed the concept and validated its feasibility. “We’re already seeing pieces of C2-Forward employed in support of NATO command and control forces controlling Operation Unified Protector [over Libya],” said Lt. Gen. Frank Gorenc, 3rd Air Force commander. “Using C2-Forward concepts, we have built a forward air liaison and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance cell ensuring United States air, space, and cyber power is maximized.” (Ramstein report by Lt. Col. Keith Mueller)