DOD’s New Budget Request from the Top Down

The Defense Department’s $614 billion budget request for Fiscal 2013 is some $32 billion less (with rounding) than the $646 billion Congress appropriated for the Pentagon in Fiscal 2012. Of the $614 billion, DOD seeks $272.7 billion for operation and maintenance activities ($11.2 billion less than in Fiscal 2012); $149.2 billion for military personnel ($3.9 billion less); $108.5 billion for procurement ($12.1 billion less); $69.7 billion for research, development, test, and evaluation ($2.2 billion less); $9.6 billion for military construction ($1.8 billion less); $2.6 billion for revolving and management funds ($447 million less); and $1.65 billion for family housing ($32 million less). (DOD Fiscal 2013 budget request overview; caution, large-sized file.)