Donley Goes on the Road

Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley yesterday visited Peterson AFB, Colo., and Barksdale AFB, La., to get a first-hand perspective from select senior officials on USAF issues, policies, and procedures, specifically as they relate to the nuclear enterprise mission, Air Force officials told the Daily Report. Peterson is home to Air Force Space Command, which oversees the nation’s Minuteman III ICBMs, while Barksdale hosts 8th Air Force, the Air Force’s bomber warfighting headquarters, and 2nd Bomb Wing, a nuclear-capable B-52 bomber unit. Donley also conducted airmen’s calls, during which he addressed rank-and-file personnel and responded to their questions, the officials said. Today, Donley is on tap to do the same at Offutt AFB, Neb., headquarters of US Strategic Command, and Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, the seat of Air Force Material Command. Donley assumed his duties as Acting Secretary after Michael Wynne stepped down on June 20. Donley issued his first “Letter to Airmen” June 30, citing cultural, systemic and institutional challenges within USAF’s nuclear enterprise and noting creation of a Nuclear Task Force to examine all aspects of the nuclear mission.