Dressed for Success

The Air Force last week announced uniform changes based on its 98th Virtual Uniform Board, but did not introduce any new uniforms, per se. Instead, the focus remained on fixing, improving, and upgrading uniforms in the current inventory, with an open ear to airmen input, said Lt. Gen. Richard Newton, USAF’s personnel czar, who chaired the board. “We heard the feedback from the field and will continue to tailor our uniforms to their operational needs,” he said. Among the changes: trousers on utility uniforms will be tucked into boots (effective October 2010); the green fleece formerly worn only as the all-purpose environmental clothing system liner is authorized service-wide as an outer-wear garment; enlisted airmen must switch from pin-on, collar rank insignia to chevrons stitched onto the sleeves of the lightweight blue jacket (effective January 2010); the ends of boot laces must be tucked into boots; the length of airman battle uniform lower leg pocket will increase by approximately 1/2 inch; and female ABU trouser fly buttons will be the same as on men’s pants. Speaking of uniforms, the Air Force leadership earlier this month deferred a decision on the seemingly popular Heritage Coat until 2010. (See TSgt. Amaani Lyle’s June 12 report and June 10 report.)