Dyess Bombers Fly with Upgraded Sniper

B-1 bombers of the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess AFB, Tex., became the first operational platforms to fly with the newest version of Lockheed Martin’s Sniper targeting pod, announced base officials. The first sortie with a Sniper in the Advanced Targeting Pod-Sensor Enhancement configuration occurred on April 15, states Dyess’ April 22 release. The ATP-SE variant includes enhanced sensors, a two-way data link, advanced processors, and automated modes for non-traditional intelligence gathering, states the release. “Sniper SE incorporates the greatest set of upgrades to the advanced targeting pod since its inception,” said Capt. Artur Kosycarz, Sniper SE rated project officer with the base’s 337th Test and Evaluation Squadron. The new configuration also includes a network tactical capability that provides commanders with real-time imagery and information from forward deployed elements beyond their line of sight, according to the release. It also features a recording function so that “aircrews can record every single mission and use that for training, further analysis, or whatever the case may be,” said MSgt. Jesse Williams, 7th Maintenance Group avionics manager. (Dyess report by A1C Charles V. Rivezzo)