Early Retirement Possible for Some Officers

Eligible officers with prior enlisted service who have completed 20 years of total active federal military service may apply by Sept. 1 to retire early thanks to the Fiscal 2011 defense authorization act. “This new legislation gives the Air Force the ability to allow most prior service officers the option to retire with eight rather than 10 years of active commissioned service,” said Brig. Gen. Sharon Dunbar, USAF’s director of force management policy. She added, “We want to leverage voluntary separation and retirement programs to the maximum extent possible, and so we’re pleased this early retirement option is now available.” This two-year waiver is one of the volunteer programs available to officers to help the Air Force reduce its overall end strength to meet Congressionally approved levels. (SAF/PA report by Lt. Col Ann Stefanek) (See also Chipping Away from the Daily Report archives)