Extend or No?

A Pentagon spokesman said EADS has asked for a 90-day extension to consider whether it would file a solo bid in the KC-X tanker replacement program. The request for proposals, released Feb. 24, set May 10 as the due date, so acceding to the EADS request could delay the process until Aug. 9. Meanwhile, the World Trade Organization expects this week to release its decision on the United States claim that European governments have provided Airbus subsidies to the detriment of US large aircraft maker Boeing. The interim decision, released last fall, prompted pro-Boeing lawmakers to charge the Administration to consider the ruling when making its KC-X decision. The Pentagon has said it cannot. And, still to come this June is an interim ruling by the WTO on the counterclaim filed by the European Communities against the US that the US had illegally aided Boeing. (US vs. EC complaint, DS316) (EC vs. US complaint, DS353)