F-15 Parts Contractor Sentenced to Prison For Fraud

The owner of an Arizona manufacturing company will serve six months in prison for defrauding the Air Force, according to a Justice Department release. Malcom Robert Markson pleaded guilty to fraudulently providing the Air Force with substandard F-15 wing pins and obstruction of a federal investigation with his attempt to cover up his company’s wrongdoing, states the release. Between 2009 and 2012, Markson’s company, Action Machine, won several contracts to produce the wing pins, which secure the wings of F-15s. The company sent 212 wing pins to the Air Force and certified that they met design and safety standards. But in 2013, Pentagon investigation discovered that some of the pins were made with the wrong type of steel and they had not all undergone safety testing. During the investigation, Markson forged a document verifying that the pins had been certified by a third-party testing company. The Defense Department realized the pins were defective before any accidents or injuries occurred, states the Dec. 22 release.