F-35 Partner Support Complex Activated at Eglin

The F-35 Partner Support Complex was officially activated at Eglin AFB, Fla. The US-owned, civilian-run center will provide “mission data, intelligence support, lab facilities, and training” to the eight F-35 partner countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Retired lieutenant colonel Robert Kraus serves as director of the center, which currently employs 24 employees and contractors, though there are plans to grow to 100 personnel. Kraus previously commanded the 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron and served as the deputy commander of the 53rd Electronic Warfare Group at Eglin, according to a May 12 base release. The new unit will report to the 53rd Electronic Warfare Squadron. “The growth of the PSC will relieve that pressure, as well as ensure our coalition partners are ready to participate in any future operations,” Kraus said in the release.