Falcons among White Eagles

Air Force F-16s and C-130s will begin regular training rotations to Poland later this year with the creation of a Poland Aviation Detachment, permanently staffed with USAF support personnel. The “10-person detachment” will manage “approximately four USAF C-130 and F-16 rotations each year,” states the Air Force’s Fiscal 2013 budget overview (caution. large-size file). The goal of the detachment is to “strengthen our working relationship with the Polish air force.” states the document. The Poles now fly F-16 Block 50 fighters and earlier model C-130E airlifters. The memorandum of understanding signed with Poland last May explicitly opens the possibility of future deployment of fifth generation aircraft such as the F-22. Aircraft pulled from both US Air Forces in Europe and stateside units will operate from the Polish air force’s 32nd Tactical Air Base near Lask in central Poland, reports Stars and Stripes.