Feeling Energized

The Air Mobility Battlelab, together with Jadoo Power Systems, has developed a new portable, lightweight power-supply device to run medical equipment on flight transferring wounded military personnel. Dubbed the portable electronic power supply for aeromedical evacuations, or PEPSAE, the system features a power-production subsystem and a fuel storage subsystem that are far less heavy and cumbersome than the avionics frequency convertors in use today. Further they do not require power from the host aircraft to operate. The AMB put the system through the paces during a five-day demonstration with the 375th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron in February at Scott AFB, Ill. “Overall, the PEPSAE demonstrated it was capable of powering up to four litters of CCATT [critical care air transport team] medical equipment for more than 12 hours—a great result,” said MSgt. Eric Allain, PEPSAE project officer. The battlelab has recommended that Air Mobility Command adopt the system. And Jadoo is already working on a follow-on. (Fort Dix report by TSgt. Scott T. Sturkol)