Fifth Air Force Command Change

Lt. Gen. John Dolan assumed command of US Forces Japan and 5th Air Force during a June 5 change of command ceremony at Yokota AB, Japan, according to a Pacific Air Forces release. Dolan, who previously served as US Pacific Command chief of staff, replaced Lt. Gen. Sam Angelella, who retired on June 5. “The security relationship between the US and Japan is the cornerstone of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific,” said Gen. Lori Robinson, PACAF commander, during the ceremony. “Fifth Air Force, for example, has provided continuous airpower in the Pacific since September 1941. Today, each of the services in Japan continues the mission of deterring aggression and maintaining regional stability.” Angelella thanked airmen for their work during his tenure and said “the United States and Japan are readying the alliance for the challenges of the future and reaffirming its role as the guarantor of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific.” Dolan told airmen he would “work daily to ensure you have the resources and guidance to be successful in continuing your unique mission sets.”