Fighting Tooth and Nail

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says he is “fighting tooth and nail to make sure that enough C-17s are produced, and that Stewart [ANG, N.Y.] gets its fair share,” reports the Times Herald-Record. A group of Senators sent a letter recently to the Appropriations Committee, urging its leaders to support buying 12 additional new C-17s. The Obama Administration wanted to end production at 205, but Congress already upped the number to 213. Schumer acknowledged that he was not among the original signers of the Aug. 19 missive, but he has since added his name. The New York Congressional delegation already has expressed concern that Stewart may not get the C-17s USAF had anticipated sending there to replace its old C-5As. Schumer told the newspaper that buying additional C-17s and directing some to Stewart is “critical” because “thousands of people [are] dependent on the base for their livelihood.”