First Combat Raptors Arrive to Tyndall

The first five combat-coded F-22 Raptors transferring from Holloman AFB, N.M., to Tyndall AFB, Fla., landed at their new home on Jan. 6. “The 95th Fighter Squadron showing up represents a new era,” said 325th Fighter Wing Commander Col. David Graff. “No combat aviation unit has ever deployed out of Tyndall. . . . Now, we will have the largest collection of F-22s in the world and [we] will stand ready to project air power and defend our nation’s freedom.” Tyndall is expected to receive several Raptors a month, with the last of the 24 jets arriving in April, according to a base release. “Unfortunately, we had a delay of a year, but today we were able to successfully bring in the first wave of aircraft,” said 95th Fighter Squadron Commander Lt. Col. Erick Gilbert. The transition is expected to add about 1,100 uniformed personnel to Tyndall, he noted. (See also Tyndall Preps for Combat Raptors)