Fission and Fusion

As part of the Air Force’s organizational moves to bolster oversight of its nuclear weapons, the service formally relocated on Oct. 25 the 498th Munitions Maintenance Group, along with its new subordinate unit, the 19th Munitions Squadron, from Kirtland AFB, N.M., to Whiteman AFB. Mo. “Our nuclear arsenal is the ultimate backstop of our nation’s strategic defense and these units ensure Whiteman is prepared and ready for this responsibility,” said Gen. William Fraser, Air Combat Command boss. With the change, the 498th MUMG still retains command of the 898th Munitions Squadron and 708th Nuclear Sustainment Squadron at Kirtland. And the group remains subordinate to the 498th Nuclear Systems Wing at Kirtland, which reports directly to the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, also at the New Mexico base, where it oversees the sustainment of Air Force nuclear weapons and support equipment in the continental US. (Kirtland release)