Five’s a Charm

For the first time in five years, the Air National Guard has met its end strength goal for the fiscal year, reaching the desired level of 106,700 enlisted personnel and officers based on its August recruiting numbers, according to National Guard Bureau officials. The Air Guard recruited 1,194 in August, which was 107 percent of its goal of 1,116. (DOD issued the August recruiting numbers for enlisted personnel on Wednesday). To date in Fiscal 2008, ANG has retained 16,518 personnel, which is 107.3 percent of its goal of 15,390. Lt. Col. Randy Johnson, chief of ANG recruiting and retention, attributed the feat to several factors, including the hard work of recruiters and the growth of advertising campaigns and recruiting initiatives. “A half a dozen things come to mind that made this possible,” he said, including “the constant leadership focus on recruiting from Director Lt. Gen. Craig McKinley through the adjutants general right down to the wing commanders.” (NGB report by Air Force MSgt. Greg Rudl)