France Pounds First Targets in Syria

Five French Rafale fighters launched the country’s first offensive strikes against ISIS targets in Syria, completely destroying a terrorist training camp in the Euphrates river valley on Sept. 27, defense officials announced. French aircraft have flown a total of 12 intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sorties over Syria since Sept. 8, gathering target information to begin offensive operations, according to the Armée de l’Air. The fighters, supported by a KC-135FR tanker and Atlantique 2 ISR aircraft, departed bases in Jordan and the Persian Gulf for the five-hour mission against targets in southeastern Syria, Sept. 27. A total of 12 French fighter aircraft supported by AWACS, tanker, and maritime patrol aircraft have supported anti-ISIS operation in Iraq—dubbed Operation Chammal by the French—since last September. Naval aircraft operating from the carrier Charles de Gaulle are also contributing to strike sorties from the Persian Gulf.