“Frankenherc” Rises

The outer wings of a retired C-130, dubbed “Frankenherc” because it was “a conglomeration of different C-130s,” were crated and sent to Robins AFB, Ga., where they will be refurbished and incorporated onto a Coast Guard aircraft. The USCG aircraft, serial #83-0507, will be modified to the firefighting configuration and then transferred to the US Forest Service, according to a March 19 release. “We still have additional wing components that will be flown to Robins on one of our airplanes later this week,” said Mike Dressen, with the 934th Airlift Wing Logistics Readiness Squadron. “We also have some other pieces that are on the ‘save list’ in a supply warehouse awaiting shipment to be used for other aircraft.” “Frankenherc” was a long-time fixture at the 934th Airlift Wing, where it was used for training before it retired. It was “dismantled, demilitarized,” and mostly “sold for scrap” last fall, states the release. (See also Udall Urges Quick Upgrades to Forest Service-Bound C-130s.)