From Negative to Positive

An collaboration that included airmen from various units of Air Combat Command, Air Force Materiel Command, and the Air National Guard, and technicians of ITT Electronic Systems has improved the requisition objective (RO) fill rate for the B-1B electronic warfare system’s band 4-8 receiver from “a negative posture, below 50 percent RO” to 100 percent, said MSgt. Richard Diamond, AFMC B-1 EWS manager. Diamond said the band 4-8 receiver—one of three electronic line replacement units with the Bone’s defensive avionics system—is critical because a problem with it can “render the defensive system completely inoperative.” A test of the new process showed the repair network could balance capacities to produce 15 serviceable receivers within a 90-day period, which should eliminate the need for airmen to cannibalize the receiver from non-MC aircraft, halving the workload and time. (AFMC report by Chandra Lloyd)