Ghana Air Force Delegation Visits Ramstein

A Ghana air force delegation, led by Col. Mike Kwame Appiah-Agyekum, visited Ramstein AB, Germany, for a first-hand look at how the Air Force trains its enlisted personnel. During the three-day visit in late September, Appiah-Agyekum, GAF director of administration, toured the First Term Airmen Center, the Kisling Noncommissioned Officer Academy, and Airmen Leadership School, states a Sept. 29 Ramstein release. The GAF plans to open its own enlisted academy, modeled on the Air Force’s enlisted professional military education set-up, to educate Ghanaian airmen as well as those from air forces across sub-Sahara Africa, states the release. “If we don’t give our [enlisted airmen] quality, professional training, we’ll be left behind,” said Appiah-Agyekum. The new academy “will enhance our collaborative relationships in all of West Africa,” he said. This visit is one of the many partnership-building activities by US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa with African air arms. (Ramstein report by MSgt. Norris Agnew)