Goldfein Emphasizes Importance of Joint Operations

Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein introduced the second of three major themes of his tenure as Air Force Chief of Staff Thursday in a brief paper that emphasized the importance have having blue suits serve in joint leadership positions. Goldfein writes that, given a new warfighting era that blends “state-on-state competition” with the threat of “violent extremism,” it is imperative that airmen become “knowledgeable in how to optimize every component as part of a Joint Task Force (JTF).” Goldfein has placed Brig. Gen. Brian Killough in charge of the joint operations push. Initial goals include helping “gain proficiency in joint warfare earlier in the careers of airmen” and shifting Air Force culture to “value those who serve in these joint positions.” A new training program will begin with the 9th Air Force and US Air Forces Central Command at Shaw AFB, S.C., and will “certify the commander and staff as a core JTF [headquarters]” with plans to “expand it to selected component numbered air force [headquarters].” The first of Goldfein’s white papers focused on revitalizing the squadron, and the third is set to address next generation command and control.