Helping with a Vengeance

Personnel at Scott AFB, Ill., recently assisted with the reassembly and check-out of an airworthy WWII-vintage TBM Avenger torpedo bomber, to fly in a commemoration of the attacks on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7. “The Airfield Management team was here 24/7, coordinating fuel, nitrogen, and parking,” and Scott personnel coordinated use of its runway for a test-flight, airfield manager MSgt. Bryan Greene said in a release. The aircraft was disassembled and airlifted to Scott aboard a C-5 Galaxy flying from JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, where it flew in an airshow. “This was a team effort and all these agencies helped make this mission a success,” added Greene. Five Scott personnel assisted aircraft owner Brad Deckert with the two-day project reattaching the aircraft’s wings, which were removed for transport. The Avenger served in the Pacific theater of operations during WWII, and was present in Tokyo Bay for Japan’s surrender to the allies in 1945, according to the release.