Hickam’s Warrior Day puts Total Force to the Test

Active Duty airmen, Air National Guardsmen, and Air Force Reservists trained together in the inaugural Total Force Integration Warrior Day at JB Hickam-Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Hickam C-17s, F-22s, and KC-135s flew sorties on Jan. 10 in simulated regional scenarios, such as air support, special operations deployments, and equipment movements, according to a base release. “The objective is to get us talking to each other and to learn each other’s capabilities,” said Lt. Col. Rob Jackson, 19th Fighter Squadron commander. “The more we train together, the more we can demonstrate that we can get places quickly and quietly, and when we get there, we are prepared to execute our mission,” he said. Warrior Day was able to take the best of other Pacific Air Forces exercises and combine the training on a smaller, and more affordable, scale, said Jackson. He said he hopes future Warrior Days will include PACAF’s joint and regional partners. (Hickam report by SSgt. Alexander Martinez)