Humanitarian Goals

More than 25 airmen from the 107th Civil Engineer Squadron at Niagara Falls ARS, N.Y., recently returned from a two-week deployment to Vau Dejes, Albania, where they helped renovate a medical clinic and school from June 18 to July 2, according to a 107th Airlift Wing release. The clinic—the only source of treatment in the area—was in poor condition when the airmen arrived, with leaking sinks, water-damaged walls, and an unreliable water source. The airmen pulled out the sinks, toilets, and sections of the walls; installed a 5,000-liter water tank; installed a new roof; painted the exterior; replaced all of the windows; and installed two new doors. They did similar work at the school, but also cleaned up the grounds and laid out a new soccer field with the existing goal posts. Engineers from 177th Fighter Wing at Atlantic City ANGB, N.J., who were deploying right after the 107th CES were expected to finish up the work on the clinic and school.