Improving Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Training

The Defense Department rolled out a series of changes to its sexual assault prevent and response training on Monday as part of the department’s ongoing efforts to eliminate sexual assaults from the ranks. The plan focuses on improving training for new accessions, annual and refresher training, pre- and post-deployment training, professional military education, as well as training for SAPR coordinators, victim advocates, chaplains, and senior leaders, states an April 14 release. “The entire military community must be engaged in creating an environment where sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexist behaviors are not tolerated,” said Army Col. Litonya Wilson, deputy director of prevention and victim assistance in DOD’s SAPR office. The new training program will cover “the complexities of the crime and their role in fostering a command environment of professional values, team commitment, and dignity and respect, proactive measures to reduce sexual assaults in their units, the protections afforded victims and the accused, and … quality victim care,” states the release. (See also Seeking the Sex Assault Solution from the April 2013 edition of Air Force Magazine.)