In the Green Spotlight

The Air Force produced or procured nearly 7 percent of the total energy used to run its facilities in Fiscal 2010 from renewable sources, exceeding its goal, said Terry Yonkers, USAF’s assistant secretary for installations, environment, and logistics. It also has curbed facility energy use by nearly 15 percent from 2003 levels, he told the Senate Appropriations Committee’s military construction panel Thursday. Those accomplishments reflect the Air Force’s commitment to reducing its consumption of fossil fuels and being a good environmental steward, he said. In 2009, USAF leadership set the goal of increasing renewable energy use at its installations by 5 percent by Fiscal 2010, 7.5 percent by Fiscal 2013, and 25 percent by Fiscal 2025. Yonkers noted that the Air Force led the Defense Department last year as the top renewable energy purchaser. That makes five years in a row, he said. (Yonkers written testimony)