November 1997

Vol. 80, No. 11

Valor: The Only Way Out

When China entered the Korean War in November 1950, several thousand US troops were entrapped near the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea. Their rescue was imperative.

Global Force

Air Force Association 1998 Statement of Policy, adopted by the delegates to the Air Force Association

Stamp of Approval

Aviation art can turn up in the smallest places—the corner of an envelope.

Achievements and Challenges

The accomplishments of the US Air Force during its 50 years as a separate service and the promise and challenges of coming decades were the main themes struck by key speakers at the 1997 AFA National Convention in Washington. US...

Aerospace World

Ryan Is New Chief of Staff The Senate on Sept. 24 confirmed Gen. Michael E. Ryan as USAF’s new Chief of Staff. With his Oct. 6 swearing in, he became the 16th officer to serve in that post since the...