September 1998

Vol. 81, No. 9

A Heritage Shared

The new American Air Museum in Britain is a working monument to a common aviation heritage.

Local Lift

Evolving theater airlift requirements are forcing USAF to re-evaluate its organization and equipment n

Training for Stealth

The pilots and ground crews for the Black Jet” maintain both the hardware and the mystique.”

Aerospace World

F-22 Passes New Milestones The Air Force’s F-22 fighter development program in late summer chalked up several notable successes. On July 30, USAF aircraft and crews working at Edwards AFB, Calif., completed the first aerial refueling of the Raptor. The...


Permanent Crises “We finally got the message; some of these contingencies are not going to go away.”–Gen. Michael E. Ryan, USAF Chief of Staff, at an Aug. 4, 1998, unveiling of a new “Expeditionary Aerospace Force” structure designed to help...

The Magic Seven

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