December 2004

Vol. 87, No. 12

Reconnaissance in Force

ANG F-16s, equipped with an aerial reconnaissance system, provide a unique and important USAF capability.

Aerospace World

Roche Resigns Air Force Secretary James G. Roche announced his resignation Nov. 16. Roche said his plans called for him to depart Jan. 20 or sooner, depending on whether a successor was confirmed. Roche, who became SECAF on June 1,...


Smarter Is Better “In this century, we are shifting away from the tendency to equate sheer numbers of things—tanks, troops, bombs, etc.—with capability. If a commander has a smart bomb that is so precise that it can do the work...

Nitze’s “Bludgeon”

“United States Objectives and, Programs for National Security” Paul H. Nitze Report to the President, Washington, D.C., April 7, 1950 FULL TEXT VERSION This once-classified paper was a major milestone—perhaps the major milestone—in postwar US defense planning. Better known as...