January 2006

Vol. 89, No. 1

High Anxiety

At AFA’s Los Angeles symposium, USAF leaders wondered: What happens if our space capabilities are ever

Meet the New Boss

F-22 operations at Langley mark a transition away from the F-15 and toward a new heavyweight champ.

Aerospace World

Wynne Is New SECAF Michael W. Wynne was sworn in as Secretary of the Air Force on Nov. 3 at an Air Force Academy ceremony attended by 4,200 cadets. He had been confirmed by the Senate on Oct. 28. Wynne...


Long May He Wave “The ramparts of Washington are littered with the bleached bones of people who said Donald Rumsfeld was not going to survive.”—Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita about tenure of the Secretary of Defense, Washington Post Magazine, Nov....


The Khobar Towers Issue Thank you for your editorial in the November 2005 issue [“The Shadow of Khobar Towers,” p. 2]. Generals Fogleman and Schwalier are and will always remain examples of extraordinary military leadership. They may not remember me,...

JN Jenny

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