February 2007

Vol. 90, No. 2

Bombers Over Korea

The Superfortresses and Invaders seemed over the hill, until they were needed in Korea.

Aerospace World

Three Airmen Die in Iraq Three airmen assigned to the 447th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron’s explosive ordnance division were killed on Jan. 7 by the explosion of a vehicle-borne improvised exposive device. TSgt. Timothy R. Weiner of Tamarac, Fla., SrA....


You Could Look It Up “You have not yet had a situation … where you have two clearly defined and opposing groups vying not only for power but for territory. What you do have is sectarian violence that seems to...

Schriever’s “Space Superiority” Speech

Maj. Gen. Bernard A. Schriever Commander, Western Development Division, Air Research and Development Command Address to Astronautics Symposium Air Force Office of Scientific Research San Diego Feb. 19, 1957 FULL TEXT VERSION Sputnik was still months away, but Maj. Gen....


About the 40,000 Drawdown Having been a member of the Air Force Association soon after I enlisted in 1993, I can’t tell you how many times I have read your defense of almost every single Air Force weapon system while...


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